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Property Management

Property owners are looking for solutions to common real estate investment challenges. These challenges leave landlords asking themselves many of the following questions:

How do I reduce my unexpected maintenance bills?

How can I reduce my outstanding collections?

How can I improve my occupancy rates?

How do I find the time to meet my other responsibilities while managing my investment business?

Why can’t I get someone to answer their phones?

Why are my owner statements so difficult to understand? Do I need to be a CPA to make sense of these things?

Why does someone want reserve funds and then want to hold on to my money for up to 45 days?

Why can’t I get someone to call me back and do what they say they are going to d0?

The Answer:

Here2Serve! Having been property owners and investors, Here2Serve understands these questions. The experience helps us provide an unparalleled level of customer service. We have the answers and we look forward to showing landlords and investors that real estate investment can be profitable. We take on your challenges by providing an exceptional, professional service with the flexibility and accountability you are looking for in a property manager.